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New York State Common Core Standards
St. Louis School adheres to the New York State Learning Standards. To learn more, please click here.
The term "curriculum" denotes the course of study the school follows to promote its objectives of child growth and development. The full concept of curriculum includes subject matter, instructional methods and materials, as well as the learning environment in each classroom.
We receive the course of study in each subject area from the Diocese of Rochester. These courses of study are all based on the New York State Curriculum. Areas covered are Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Music, Art, Physical Education, Sex Education and AIDS Instruction.
Since St. Louis is a Catholic school, a special dimension enhances the academic curriculum. Each child is seen as a person whose integrity rests upon the fulfillment of his or her potential as a child of God. Great care is taken to provide growth in Christian beliefs, values and attitudes throughout the school program on a daily basis.
Grade Level and Special Area Curriculum Specifics can be found on each of the teacher’s classroom pages, as well as current and upcoming assignments, homework and links to support materials.