Weather Related Closing Information

1. The Pittsford Superintendent of Schools determines whether St. Louis School closes due to inclement weather. If Pittsford Schools are closed, so is St. Louis School (even if you don’t see or hear our school name on the news).

2. WHEC Channel 10 has an electronic Instant Alert System that you may access if you register at http://www2.whec.com/scpager. Once registered, it will send an email and/or a cell phone text message when a particular school and/or school district is closed.

3. If other districts close, but Pittsford remains open, the children who live in the closed districts will not receive transportation. It is left to parental discretion as to whether or not your child will travel to and from school when the driving or walking conditions are questionable.                You must call the office and report your child’s absence due to weather conditions.