Please click here for our first round of Hot Lunch ordering.  Remember to hit submit at the bottom!  You must have a value on everyday, even if it is 0.  Just tab through the fields.

Please click here to pay online for your hot lunch.


All orders AND payment are due to Mrs. Aldred by September 12th...no exceptions!


For hot lunch these first 6 weeks we will offer the following:

Mondays:  Pontillos Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Slice

Tuesdays:  Brueggers Plain Bagel with either cream cheese or butter, with a side of yogurt

Wednesdays:  DiBellas Sub (3 1/2 inch or 7 inch) Ham, Turkey or Assorted with toppings and baked lays

Thursday:  Village Bakery Ham or Turkey Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese on white bread with chips

Friday:  Rosy's in Penfield, Pasta with EITHER Butter, Red Sauce OR Meat Sauce with a roll and butter, Side salad available for an extra charge


For students with food allergies, please contact the vendor if you need an ingrediant list.  We have been told that all offerings are peanut free, but we understand if you want to investigate further!