A great education starts early

Choosing a preschool is a big decision that requires thought and research. Providing your child with a St. Louis School education is one of the best things you can do for  them today and in their future. St. Louis School has designed a preschool program that is rooted in enriched content, while providing you with the flexibility you need to make our school work with your schedule.

At St. Louis School, we believe young children develop critical school-readiness skills, as well as a passion for lifelong learning, through a developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum. St. Louis School’s preschool program is nationally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. 

St. Louis School has aligned our preschool  program with the New York State Learning Standards for preschool, and strives to create a child-centered, content-rich and nurturing environment that supports each child’s development so our young children learn and grow through their play and natural curiosity.

Our curriculum and philosophy are based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment..  

  • Flexible programming and structure; please click here for tuition and schedules
  • All of our teachers are NYS certified
  • Our preschool children enjoy the community of our K-5 program by participating in whole-school assemblies, the all-school picnic, the schoolwide Halloween parade, our annual ice cream social and the third-grade buddy program
  • Our student/teacher ratio:
    • 3-year-olds program = 9:1
    • 4-year-olds program = 10:1

In September 2013, our preschool program and kindergarten classes re-opened in the Early Childhood Center at Reddington Hall on the school’s current campus. Renovations of Reddington Hall helped to create a bright, easily accessible and spacious setting for our young children. Click here to see our Preschool Handbook.

To learn more about St. Louis School’s preschool program, schedule and tuition, please click here. To register for St. Louis’s preschool program, please click here


  • Science Start (LiteraSci): This language-rich approach supports children's acquisition of general and science-specific vocabulary and discourse skills, such as telling, describing, explaining and questioning. The hands-on activities support the development of science process skills, such as observation, description, comparison, classification, sequencing and explanation. Literacy experiences provide opportunities for children to read and express knowledge in writing, charts, graphs and pictures. The activities provide structured and extensive explorations of children's everyday world.

Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum: 

  • Social/Emotional Development—supports a healthy sense of self, responsibility for self and others, and prosocial behavior
  • Cognitive Development—learning and problem solving, logical thinking, representation and symbolic thinking
  • Language Development—listening and speaking, reading and writing
  • Physical Development—gross motor and fine motor skills