The single best thing you can do for your child

Providing your child with a St. Louis School education is one of the best things you can do for them today and for their future. 

Why is that? 

At St. Louis, we foster educational excellence, with smaller classes, more individualized attention and greater family involvement—and it shows. Our students perform higher on most New York State tests than students in other schools, including our own Pittsford Central School District.

We also nourish the spirit while we are enhancing the mind. We mix faith with education throughout each day to grow better people, as well as better scholars. 

And we generate results, with more children getting higher test scores—leaving them better prepared to excel at the next levels of education and the many years and endeavors that follow. 

The St. Louis School advantage is available to every child of every faith. It’s a gift that’s here waiting for your child. 

The difference is everywhere

There’s something different about St. Louis School. 

You can see it in the classroom, where children learn and laugh in days filled with fun and spirituality. 

You can witness it in our results—not only in the standardized test scores that show that St. Louis School students are better prepared, but also in every lesson learned and every friendship formed. 

And you can feel it in our spirit. School spirit. And Spirit of a higher form. Please watch our informational video by clicking HERE.