Seabreeze 2019



It is that time of come get your summer!  Seabreeze Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th!  Attached, please find your order form and information about this wonderful, fun day!  This is a schoolwide event!  Even though preschool is completed, we hope that you join us!

Sacramental Registration for St. Louis Church Now Open!


Eucharist and Penance Sacrament Registration:

All children must have completed either Grade 1 or one full year prior of Faith Formation or attend a Catholic School to prepare and receive both First Penance and First Eucharist. Both Sacraments are celebrated in Grade 2. Families need to register for both Penance and Eucharist for the upcoming year.  The deadline for registration is July 15.  Registrations turned in after this date will be assessed a $35 late fee.

Saint Louis School Lego Team Reaching for the Stars!


Saint Louis School is excited to announce that its Lego team, The Eight Magneteers,  been selected from more than 40,000 teams worldwide as one of 20 semi-finalists advancing to the Ninth Annual FIRST® LEGO® League Global Innovation Award in San Jose, Calif., USA, June 30-July 2.  The team is being recognized for creating Magnetic Dodgeball, a game that combines magnets and microgravity to improve astronaut fitness, flexibility and mental focus.