Round 3 of Hot lunch is now closed. This ordering period will take us to April 2nd which is the last day of school before Easter break.

We have changed the food offering on Thursdays in order to try a new vendor and the schedule has changed slightly with Lent occurring during this ordering period. On Thursdays we will be offering a Pretzel Dog or a Pepperoni Melt from the Philly Pretzel Factory. The Pretzel Dog is an all-beef hot dog wrapped in a philly pretzel. **Please note - the menu on the website indicates that the pretzel dog has cheese on top, but the one we are ordering does NOT. The pepperoni melt is a pretzel topped with spices, cheese and pepperoni and served with marinara sauce on the side. No side items are included with this lunch offering. The website for the Philly Pretzel Factory is https://phillypretzelfactory.com/menu/#pretzels. The Pretzel Factory is located at 3240 Monroe Ave across the street from the Pittsford Wegmans if you'd like to stop in and try these options before ordering! 

On Ash Wednesday, Broccoli Cheddar soup will be the only lunch option offered. On Fridays during Lent Spaghetti with Red Sauce will be offered. Chicken Tenders will be offered on February 7 and 14. Below are links to the monthly calendars with the meal offerings of the day. 

February 2020 Lunch Menu             March 2020 Lunch Menu