Parents -
Believe it or not, it is time to order your yearbook!  This year, with COVOD constraints, we took a new approach to building the Yearbook!  Mrs. Hutchins will be working with EACH class to build their own page!  They are incredibly excited.


This year ALL yearbook orders will be placed on-line, just like school pictures were.  Click here for the flyer with all of the important information on it.  Follow these steps for easy ordering:
1.  Go to MCAstuduios.com
2.  Choose green button:   "I have a code"
3.  Login using the login for pictures (if you forgot, use password reset)
4.  Choose "I have a code"
5.  Enter YB-2274-F20SLSYB
6.  Enter your child's information (you have to do this for EACH child), hit enter
7.  Scroll to bottom of page to check out
8.  There are other options to choose from.  Default will be ship to school.

Let me know if you have any issues!