Parents - the following was emailed to you today 3.15.2017:

Parents -

Well, we hope you have enjoyed your mini winter break!  So much for March being a long month at school!!  Wanted to confirm a few things for the remainder of the week:

1.  We will celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.  Students may dress down in shades of green, and if you were having a classroom party, it will go on as planned.

2.  We WILL NOT be having music and dancers previously scheduled for 10:00.  We are not able to secure Mr. Gowman and his group due to logistics on their end.  We have RESCHEDULED for Thursday, March 23rd at 1:15 p.m.  We will be entertained by the music and our dancers at that time.  All are welcome to attend.

3.  We will still be off on Friday for a scheduled Superintendent's Day.

Hope you have all been able to dig out of your driveways and have gotten to enjoy some unexpected family fun!  See you tomorrow!

SLS Office