Fourth Grade Instrument Museum


4th Grade students at St. Louis School combined their knowledge of acoustics, music and engineering to design, build and share their own homemade instruments. Creativity, problem solving, and family fun were had as they worked on this inter-disciplinary project! The Kindergarten and 1st graders enjoyed visiting the instrument museum to learn about constructing homemade instruments!

Watch the video here: Instrument Museum

Weather Related School Closing


This is just a reminder that SLS follows Pittsford School District for school closings due to weather. Local news stations will NOT report St. Louis School separately so if Pittsford is closed due to weather, so is St. Louis School. You should also receive notification via text and/or phone through our automated broadcast system.

Education Tax Credit


With Education Tax Credits being advanced by the Governor in his Executive Budget and the Senate having passed their proposal (the first bill to pass the Senate this session), the Catholic Conference has issued this alert to prompt emails to all lawmakers urging inclusion of Education Tax Credits in the final State Budget.