Thank you for joining us for Masses and Prayer Services at St. Louis Church. We are glad that you are part of our faith-filled community and we appreciate your help in modeling good habits of faith for our children and less experienced members.

      Please silence all phones and pagers before entering the church.

      DO NOT bring food or drink into the church.

      Please greet one another quietly and briefly. Our reason for gathering is for conversation with our Lord – coming together in this way creates and sustains us as a community of faith.

      What we believe in our hearts should be expressed in response to the prayers of the Mass and in our music and songs of the Mass. Please encourage you children to follow the rituals of our Mass by                 respond and singing prayerfully with the community. 

     When receiving the Eucharist, we should bow as an outward sign of the fact that it is our Lord before us to Whom we bow. The Host should be received reverently and we should return to our seats in                silent prayer.

Thank you for helping us to teach and reinforce to our students that the Mass and Prayer Services are holy experiences to be attended in reverence and prayer.