Parents - the final hot lunch ordering system is now open. On Line Payment link. This period will go from APRIL 10th - June 19th.  PLEASE take note of the following:

1.  For the Week of April 4-7, we will be making up lunches from the Wind Days and Snow Days.  There will be NO new orders for those days.  If you ordered on March 9th, March 10th, March 14th or March 15th, your child will receive that lunch next week.  If you did not order, you will not be able to!

2.  For May 1st and May 2nd we will be REVERSING what we are getting.  Monday, May 1st will be MOE'S and Tuesday, May 2nd will be PIZZA.  Moe's needs us to change the date for this one week ONLY.

3.  There are several days during the end of the year that are class specific that won't need hot lunch - please note these are you are ordering:

  • Grade 2 Fieldtrip off site
  • Newberry Picnic- 6/7 - only effects those children involved in it
  • Grade 5 - Challenger Fieldtrip off site 6/14
  • Grade 3 - GCVM Fieldtrip off site 6/15
  • Grade 5 - Retreat 6/15
  • Grade 1 - Father's Day Lunch 6/16
  • Kindergarten Graduation - Early Dismissal 6/19

Thank you for your support of the hot lunch program this year!  Thank you to Mrs. Kimberly deYoung-Rubert for her endless hours of behind the scences lunch set up!  We would be lost without her!!!

Mrs. Aldred